understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now several times in the past I have called attention to the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame, and long ago offered an Angel of the Violet Flame to abide with you, to help you use that Violet Consuming Flame to greater Victorious Accomplishment. Now, because of the outer world’s needs, you can just as well have a Group of Violet Flame Angels assisting you in whatever your outer world activity is – with your own Conscious Call for the Expansion of the Sacred Fire of your own Life Stream, into the outer world conditions.

Then the Angelic Host, pouring Their Sacred Fire into that, will intensify your Radiation until It becomes very powerful to heal, to bless, to purify, to illumine, and to raise all that you contact. It will make you a greater Blessing to Life, will give you a greater sense of Mastery over conditions, and will continually help you to expand the Sacred Fire Power till It fills your World with Its Perfection.

Now it takes your conscious remembrance of Their Presence, or invitation to a Group of Violet Flame Angels to attend you in whatever you wish to accomplish that affects the welfare of mankind. If you care to have Them in closer and closer association, as time goes on, We can increase the Groups that will minister with you so that your own Radiation expands much more quickly and becomes much more Powerful, in your assistance to Life.

Now whether you wish to bless the plant life, the Life in the atmosphere, the Beings of the Elements, your fellowman – Life wherever you contact it – matters not. The Law of Perfection is the Expansion of the Life Flame, the Unfed Flame in the Heart, and as Its Radiation goes forth, Wave after Wave of that expanding Sacred Fire pours forth a Substance, just like a radiator pours forth heat, and just like the filament in the electric light bulb pours forth a light, so does the Unfed Flame in your Heart give forth a Light Substance, which is the Radiation from your emotional body, your Higher Mental Body, and into the atmosphere about you.

The greater the Purity within the individual that is maintained, the greater is the expansion of the Unfed Flame, and naturally, the greater is the Radiation of the Substance into the atmosphere about you, wherever you abide.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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