Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 246

“You will remember, Beloved Ones, in reading Unveiled Mysteries, it was Myself who came forth and issued that Mighty Edict for the Earth! Do you think I would issue an Edict for the Earth unless I had the Authority? Do you think We, as Perfect Beings, would overstep any bounds or would try to exploit Ourselves before humanity? Oh no!

You will notice that We are not affected by human opinions. People may think well of Us or ill of Us, because it is quite the same to Us, so far as We are concerned; but it is vastly different to you! If you think discordant thoughts and feelings, discordant feelings toward anything, to the degree you allow that to act within your feeling world, are you depriving yourselves of your Freedom! There is no getting away from this.

I want to talk to you so clear and straight, that you will have this Power in such Almighty Action in your feeling world, you will never be deprived again of anything you call forth; for you know the Law! You know a destructive quality will produce destructive action in your world. Constructive qualities, feelings, and determination bring the Infinite Power of Light into action in, through, and out into your world, to harmonize and let the Full Power of Life flow forth to produce Its Great Perfection for you. There is no stopping It!

My Dear Ones, you believe – or have in the past – that persons, places, or conditions could harm you, could interfere with you, or could delay your progress – oh, wipe it out! Wipe it out of your memory! In the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence” called into action, there is no power of human creation, individually or collectively, which can interfere with It, because It is the Power of Light that knows no opposite. It goes into action, into Its objective, and does Its Perfect Work!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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