understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts of the Light, tonight in releasing the Greater Illumination which must come to those under this Radiation, I wish to call your attention again to the Reminder We gave long ago in the beginning of this “I AM” Activity. It was the first Guard that Beloved Saint Germain set up for Us in the beginning of this Work when We first began to receive the Dictations. HIS FIRST WARNING TO US WAS THAT WHEN YOU SEE ANYTHING AT THE INNER LEVEL THAT IS NOT SURROUNDED BY BLAZING LIGHT, DO NOT ACCEPT IT INTO YOUR WORLD, AND COMMAND AND ORDER IT ANNIHILATED!

The reason for that is this: Anything that comes from your “Mighty I AM Presence” or Higher Mental Body has to come in Blazing White Light, because It is not composed of anything but Light, and therefore Its Natural Radiation is that of Light. Anything that comes from an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being or the Angelic Host is always held within an Oval of Blazing White Light, because there is nothing of the shadows in Our Octave. There is Light within Light – greater Light, more intense Light, always surrounded by more Light.

Therefore, when people say they see the Ascended Masters, unless what they see is seen in Blazing White Light, they are only seeing their own thought forms and their own concept of the Master. I want to make this clear, because the psychic forces have fooled mankind down through the centuries. Unless your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters show you something in Blazing White Light, don’t accept it! Your own “Presence” is Light, and It cannot create a shadow.

The Ascended Masters’ Bodies are made of Cosmic Light Substance which does not create a shadow. Now, if you don’t want to believe Me, then certainly your experiences are going to bring you agony untold, but I must make this clear. The Truth must be known, and that which is revealed within Blazing Light, is the Truth. So, don’t go around telling people what you see unless you see it in Blazing White Light – and then it is more for your own Instruction than it is for someone else.

Every individual has the capacity within the Life Stream, if the outer self is kept purified, to see within that Life Stream directly to the “Mighty I AM Presence” or Higher Mental Body. You have the capacity within Life to see the Ascended Masters and Angelic Host, provided there is no impurity in your own mental and feeling world, or the atmosphere about you or your flesh body. Therefore, Life has provided the way of showing you within the Light, the true condition of everything.

What cannot create a Light and manifest a Light to you certainly is no friend of yours, and never will bring you anything but mistakes and mistaken concepts – which will blind you longer – until the Light becomes the World of Eternal Truth about you.”

Beloved Godfre

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