isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“After having devoted their whole lives to the study of the records of the old Egyptian wisdom, both Champollion-Figeac and Champollion, Junior, publicly declared, notwithstanding many biased judgments hazarded by certain hasty and unwise critics, that the Books of Hermes “truly contain a mass of Egyptian traditions which are constantly corroborated by the most authentic records and monuments of the Egypt of the hoariest antiquity.”

Closing up his voluminous summary of the Psychological Doctrines of the Egyptians, the sublime teachings of the sacred Hermetic books, and the attainments of the initiated priests in metaphysical and practical philosophy, Champollion-Figeac inquires – as he well may, in view of the then attainable evidence – “whether there ever was in the world another association or caste of men which could equal them in credit, power, learning, and capability, in the same degree of good or evil? No, never! And this caste was subsequently cursed and stigmatized only by those who, under I know not what kind of modern influences, have considered it as the enemy of men and – science.”

At the time when Champollion wrote these words, Sanscrit was, we may say, almost an unknown tongue for science. But little in the way of a parallel could have been drawn between the respective merits of the Brahmans and the Egyptian philosophers. Since then, however, it has been discovered that the very same ideas, expressed in almost identical language, may be read in the Buddhistic and Brahmanical literature.

This very philosophy of the unreality of mundane things and the illusion of the senses – whose whole substance has been plagiarized in our own times by the German metaphysicians – forms the groundwork of Kapila’s and Vyasa’s philosophies and may be found in Gautama Buddha’s enunciation of the “four truths””, the cardinal dogmas of his doctrine. Pimander’s expression “he is become a god”, is epitomized in the one word, Nirvana, which our learned Orientalists most incorrectly consider as the synonym of annihilation! This opinion of the two eminent Egyptologists is of the greatest value to us if it were only as an answer to our opponents. ” 

H. P. Blavatsky

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