Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 234

“Is it not the most wonderful thing on the face of the Earth to find those great Beings of Great Power, Wisdom, and Light, who are willing to render Constant Service to the Earth? Oh, My Dear People, if your Beloved Saint Germain had not brought this “I AM” Activity forth at the time He did, your America would be in the same condition as Europe today! You would not be sitting here in the comfort of your own home with even as much peace as exists today.

There are plenty of things to be corrected in America, but the condition here is Angelic in comparison to what is existing in Europe and the Orient today. Don’t be fooled, Precious People, because the destructive forces are preventing everything possible coming forth concerning the actual condition which exists there. Russia, Germany, and Italy are nations imprisoned today! They cannot move; they do not know one moment’s Freedom! Therefore, Dear People, do not be deceived! That is what the communists wanted to bring into America!

Oh, understand me, when I speak of those people, I am speaking of their agitators and those people who were sent here from Russia and Europe to spread that nefarious thing – for what? To destroy mankind! The mass of the people do not know what is intended by the communists! There are many wonderful people who think themselves communists, but that is because they have been deceived and misled by false promises!

When I am speaking about the communists, I mean those people who are vicious in the extreme! They are using the opportunity to leach off every source of supply from unsuspecting mankind, and to feather their own nests and fill their pockets with money which they send to Europe to put forth further destruction. If the people of America knew the money which has been gathered by these communists and sent to buy ammunition to destroy mankind, they would rise as one body and destroy every one of them in America this hour.

The communists do not know what to make of the Light which is interrupting their activities. They realize their every move and feeling is becoming known, and it will become more and more so! Humanity and the people of America shall not be preyed upon by these vultures in human form, and they shall not deprive these innocent people in this Country.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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