understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your own “Blessed I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body are concerned, My Dear Ones, with the purifying and perfecting of the planet, quite as much as with the activity of the outer self. May I say to you, the outer self is only a third of, may we say, the Business of the “Presence”! Therefore, in Its Cosmic Service to the nation and the world, It works with these Activities of the Sacred Fire and the Cosmic Light in ways you dream not of.

And so, if by Conscious Call and remembrance of your “Presence” and Its Work to the mass of mankind, you call to the Secret Love Star and to Us to intensify daily, the Light Rays or the Sacred Fire – an Individualized Flame of Its Presence, in and around you by Conscious Desire, so your “Mighty I AM Presence” can take advantage of that and use It to more quickly assist the mass of the people – well, naturally, there would come to you very much greater Blessing than you can possibly realize.

In this Work which the Mighty Saint Germain has brought forth, there is always held about those under this Radiation the individualized Light Rays and those Activities of the Sacred Fire that have been brought to your attention, and which were explained to you in the beginning.

If you will remember and hold the Picture of those Light Rays in and around all under this Radiation, and then the various Activities of the Sacred Fire, it makes it infinitely easier, and you may have infinitely greater Power to assist you, as you give this opportunity to your “Blessed I AM Presence”, through your Conscious Desire and Call to Us.

You cannot call for one Blessing to Life and not be blessed infinitely yourselves. Sometimes, perhaps, you seem weary, and so much discord of the outer world, may I say, is sometimes heaped upon you; but after all, if you will use it instead of letting it use you, it will be a stepping-stone to your mastery. Then as you take that attitude to it – that you are going to use it – well then, it will no longer disturb you!

It’s all in the mental and feeling world that one has the ability to change a condition from discord into harmony. And the Transmuting Power – it doesn’t make any difference who likes it or doesn’t – the Transmuting Power of the Universe is the use of this Sacred Fire and these Great Light Rays.

These Great Light Rays play through the atmosphere of Earth like mighty searchlights, and there are many times when They cross; and where They meet, a tremendous Outpouring takes place into the structure of Earth itself. Therefore, the “I AM” Student Body are free to call these Light Rays from the Secret Love Star in and around yourselves, into your homes, into your business, and have Their Blessing that is infinite!

You can call the Sacred Fire from the Secret Love Star to come in and around you and transmute your outer conditions into the Victory of God for which you have called. You can call the Individualized Flames from the Secret Love Star, and Legions of the Angelic Host to send forth that Sacred Fire into conditions that affect the mass of the people; and those Flames can take up Their permanent location in the world, and begin Their complete dissolving of that which is wrong.”

Beloved Messenger Number One

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