understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I just wanted to offer this, that It might enfold you as you return home to your destination, and make you feel that wherever We go, We are never apart – not an instant! That Love holds Command in, through, and around Us all; and We pour It forth, wherever there is the slightest opportunity offered. May It watch between thee and Me while We are absent one from another, and the Flame of Its Everlasting Victory bring you Its Choicest Blessings, and clothe you in Powers you know naught of until you begin to use Them in outer Action.

And then you will know what Love has given and Love will yet bestow, until It is your World, your Pathway of Light, your physical action; and your Victory is assured wherever you abide. For the world is starving for this Love, and Life seeks It, and will receive It everywhere you pour It forth. Just go forward, and all that My Cosmic Heart can give shall attend you as a Living Flame to hold Command about you and bring you Blessings that I have long wanted to bestow.

Tonight, may My Love unlock the Door to the Glories of Our Octave, and let Them flood to you all while you are yet unascended, that you may use Them in Greater Power while yet in your physical conditions, and thus assist others to turn to the Light – because the Magnet of that Love is coming stronger into the physical atmosphere of Earth, to attract those who seek God and to serve God with Love that sets them Free.

In the Mantle of Its Everlasting Flame do I clothe you tonight. One day you will know all that I mean when I have called you “Dear Hearts of the Light!” I have held you in the Flame of My Cosmic Heart. May Its Love speak to you whenever you need Me, and give you the Blessings of all Eternity.”

Beloved Godfre

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