Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 223

“Today, let us feel this Eternal Rejoicing. I say that with all the Earnestness of My Being; for there is not one thing which can touch your world that should cause you one moment’s anxiety, when you once know this “I AM Presence”, if you are quick and firm in calling It into action! No appearance, no condition can last any longer than you are calling your “Presence” into action to dissolve it, if it be undesirable!

I want you to feel that, and I am sure you do, for there has been great comprehension in this Class; and I want you to sustain it when the Messengers have gone on to Los Angeles. I think you do, but I just want to remind you that you will never find two beings in the human octave who will love you as they love you, and will work incessantly for your Freedom as they do!

We have watched over four years, and Beloved ones, when We see the determination, the tenacity, the Unyielding Power they call forth to stand against human creation, it is a powerful thing! Sometimes We feel almost inclined to pick them up in Our Arms and take them where they can have a glorious rest, but they do not need it! Their Joy in Service is unparalleled; and We so appreciate more than you can ever know, your love, your gratitude, and your blessings to them.

We too can say as you do: We love you! We love you! We love you! And in the Fullness of that Transcendent Power which is Ours to wield, with your obedience, We too can help you to free yourselves; and if something were before you, in one sweep you could walk forth into the Glory and Freedom of your Life and Its Mighty Activity!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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