Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 215

“When you fix your attention upon discordant, destructive things out here, you pull that activity into your world and experience it – just as definitely as if you threw a lasso around it and pulled it surely and slowly in. It is your Life doing that! You do not want it to, but because you have not understood, you have been compelling your Life to pull into your experience the undesirable things!  Now let Us determine, let Us help you, if you will, to hold determination never to do that thing again!

You can face about any moment you determine to – because if you will, you can have the Full Power of your “I AM Presence” in your determination and strength to do it. Why do you think you have strength in those physical bodies? How much strength would be there if Life suddenly withdrew? They would just collapse and lie there helpless. So, the strength is not there; it flows in and through the body, but it is not generated there. 

I smile so many times as We move among the Beloved Students, among mankind, thinking they have to eat and eat and eat to have strength in the body. Beloved Ones, Life acts upon that food and withdraws the essence from it, or whatever is there. Some of it does not have so much, but do you know what the atomic structure of the body is? It is the density gathered about those Points of Light, which is in your stomach cells, and what do you think that does? That habit is not satisfied unless there is a certain amount of substance in the stomach, regardless of what it is going to do there.

The Messengers and the Staff have found out that they do not eat one third of what they did, and yet they are stronger than they were before. I do not mean, Dear Ones, that until you grasp sufficient Fullness of the “Presence”, that you could suddenly leave off two thirds of your food; but as your attention goes to the “Presence” and is held there, the Love, Wisdom, and Radiance of the “Presence” will cause you to do perfectly, the things you should do.

Say, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, cause me to do the Perfect Thing of the moment.”‘ Then you will be fulfilling constantly everything which is required; and as you are raised in vibratory action through your attention to the “I AM Presence”, the undesirable things will surely and steadily drop away.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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