understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you take your Stand that the evil of mankind’s generation shall not be any authority in your world, shall not prevent Heaven on Earth, shall not enslave Life, shall not desecrate what is of God, shall not ruin your Nation, shall not desecrate or destroy mankind, you will release Sacred Fire that consumes the evil. You have the Authority! You have the Power! We are ready to release all the Sacred Fire necessary and forever stop the manifestations of that which produces such distress.

My Dear Ones, in this Great God-given Authority of Life which abides within your Life, it’s the same Life as Our Life. It’s the Life that has created this System and the Manifestations of Infinity, and that Life uses only the Sacred Fire to produce Manifestation. You are a part of that Life. The Sacred Fire comes from Our Octave into you. You are the Authority, and you have the right to use It! Therefore, from tonight I hope you will reach up and accept your Mastery. (applause). Thank you so much.

The more evil forces threaten to destroy conditions in this World, the more they brag about wiping out everything, the more you must call for the Sacred Fire Manifestations that put an end to all evil. There is no battle from Our Side, and when you take this fierce, determined Stand, there is no battle in you.

When you say, you demand the Elohim Mastery Power, the Elohim Mastery Control, the Elohim Sacred Fire here, you leave it with Us as to what to select. We’ll always select the right Activity of the Sacred Fire. We will always produce the Manifestation that is the next most important thing that you require, and We will always release the Power that does away with the evil.

So, when you exert the Authority of your own Life Stream, when you design that Pattern of Perfection you want, and with all your Heart, all your feeling you love it, then with all the determination of your being, you call, you just give no quarter to appearances, you call your “Beloved I AM Presence” first and then to Us, for the Elohim Mastery of all in this World to blaze the Sacred Fire that produces this Perfection. Then you do not fight evil, you do not resist evil. There is no battle. the Flames comes in, and It’s all there is.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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