Grateful Day, Everyone…

Toni Morrison quote 3

“From the depths of your Being is being brought forth everything to be disposed of. While I am holding your attention on these simple Words, great Activity is going on in the most important part of you, so far as the physical world is concerned; and that is your feeling world!

So, I want you to know that some day when the need is passed, and you want to bask in some flowery language, then We will give It to you! Oh yes, We could! We could recite Poems and give you Expressions which would just about lift you out of those chairs, but that is not so important just now! I am grateful to see in your feeling world that Acceptance, that Humility which is so vital to the future.

Remember Dear Ones, before the Light, be humble – no matter what Manifestations take place; but before the face of man and human viciousness, be as positive as you like, because you must be positive against those human creations!

Now understand, in the dissolving and consuming of your human accumulation, it means you are released from the pressure of your own creation, which makes it so much easier for your Answer to come from your Call!

There is much else I might say, but it is not wise at this time. Just let that be sufficient; and if you will abide in the True, Sincere Feeling, accepting all We desire to do for you, you will have Its Manifestation in your feeling world. It is not necessary for you to understand all the details of It, but remember your feeling is very important to Us!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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