understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I represent the Threefold Action of Divine Love in the Cosmic Power from the Great Central Sun to this System of Worlds. My Activity comes through the Physical Sun, and from thence I dispense It to those who belong to this System of Worlds.

I wish I might show you an Action of the Fire Element which I am privileged to use, which it is My great Joy to draw forth, and whose Beauty I watch with ceaseless Admiration. My Symbol is a Triangle of three Blue Flames, through which play constantly the Pink and the Gold. My Quality, My Authority, My Cosmic Attunement are that of Divine Love, charged with the Cosmic Power from the Great Central Sun which can produce instantly whatever Perfection I choose to call forth.

Just as you would see changeable silk with those three colors, but with the Pink predominant, just so do these Flames continually move. They flood forth the three Qualities which are imperative to draw forth whenever manifestation is to be brought into outer activity.

I work in cooperation with Mighty Cyclopea, Divine Love in the use of the Power of Sight – Pure Divine Love from Our Great Cosmic Activities of Creation is at all times a building activity. It is an expanding Manifestation of the enjoyment of the Life, Beauty, and the Perfection of Cosmic Action.

Without this Quality of Cosmic Divine Love, you would have no cohesive power in manifestation. There would be no way and means to hold substance together through which energy could pass, except Divine Love gives of Itself, the Qualities that draw all manifestation into harmonious accord. Then only Beauty and Perfection are able to come forth!

You have been told in astronomy there is a Constellation of Orion. That was as much as you ever knew. Yet there is a Focus of Life – a Focus of Light – which stays in Its Divine Pattern in that Constellation through an immeasurable length of time, so far as mankind is concerned. People have not wanted to know much about what was above them. Their attention has been, as your Beloved Saint Germain said, a downward looking; and your World today is a picture of what that produces.

I challenge you, Beloved of the Light, to gaze upon the Constellation which bears My Name! Give It your love and ask for Its Light, Its Intelligence, and Its Love to come back to Earth to free mankind from the shadows. With your Call to Me for the Threefold Power of the Flame of My Cosmic Love, I can assist you and the Earth, to more rapidly dissolve the shadows.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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