Grateful Day, Everyone…

Alice Walker quote 3

“When Saint Germain talked to Me the first time, and when I saw what He wished to do, with all My Heart I joined Him in this “I AM” Activity; and We have remained at the Royal Teton to give this Assistance, not returning to Our Homes as We had previously intended! If the Ascended Masters from your civilization love you, then realize how much We do if We are willing to remain to give you Our Assistance!

The Glory of mankind is at hand! I have the Confidence in you, in all the “I AM” Students, that you are now strong enough to stand against all suggestions of the outside world and let your Light go on expanding, through your Tremendous Determined Calls, which is the Assistance the Cosmic Law requires. I shall depend on you to give this Assistance to Saint Germain!

All the Earth will bless you one day because you were courageous enough to stand with the Light and call It into action for the Freedom of America, and the Blessing of the rest of mankind!

You are not the frail beings that you think you are! I wish some of you might suddenly see the Power of the energy released in some of your “I AM” Decrees. 

Let no one in the future have the slightest feeling that you cannot make a Call with the strength and energy necessary to release sufficient energy for whatever your “I AM Presence”, through the Higher Mental Body, wishes to do for you in your world of action.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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