understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You were told long ago that Miracles are God’s Perfection, God’s Way of Life uninterfered with by mankind’s discord or limitation; and those Miracles are the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Host’s Sacred Fire’s Heart Flames of such Love that no human thing can exist within It, and no amount of mankind’s discord can ever enter into It and exist longer, because It consumes everything unlike Itself. Within that Consuming there is no discord. Whatever the Sacred Fire Love does, it does harmoniously, and more than that, It is a permanent accomplishment.

If you want Miracles, if you want Perfection, if you want Protection, keep this Command going, and see for yourselves whether I tell you the Truth. I am willing to be proved, but you must use your own consciousness and your own Heart’s Flame of your “Mighty I AM Presence”‘ Sacred Fire’s Indestructible, Purifying Love, and call It into yourself.

Call It into the things that bless you. Call It into the things that other people give you. Call It into the things that you give other people. Call It into the atmosphere you breathe. Call It into the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements. And open the Door and let Us give you the Magnificent Perfection of the Ascended Masters’ Octave. It is without limit! It is Invincible and is Eternally Expanding.

There is no such thing as limitation to Us! There is no lack or limitation in Our Ascended Master Octave, because It is completely the Sacred Fire’s Love, Its Indestructible Purity, and Its Power without limit. We can release that Sacred Fire of Indestructible, Purifying Love with such Pressure, no human thing on this Earth can move!

Do you know what Pressure it takes to stop all the action of mankind and the animal creation in this World? Can you comprehend, can you imagine what Pressure of Energy it takes to shut off the action of all beings on this World? It has been done, and certain Pressure – at certain times in the past when mankind wouldn’t listen, that Pressure came and shut off the discord; and It can come again.

But We want to train you, if you care to accept It, to use the Power as We use It in the Ascended Masters’ Octave, and draw It into the physical conditions to purify them as quickly as possible, and to hold Perfect Balance wherever you abide, for your convenience, for your Mastery, for your Freedom, and to clothe you with Our Power that enables you to give help like that to your loved ones, and to those of the outer world who know not which way to turn at this time.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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