isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“To begin with – the garden of Eden as a locality is no myth at all; it belongs to those landmarks of history, which occasionally disclose to the student that the Bible is not all mere allegory. “Eden, or the Hebrew, GAN-EDEN, meaning the park or the garden of Eden, is an archaic name of the country watered by the Euphrates and its many branches, from Asia and Armenia to the Erythraian Sea.” In the Chaldean Book of Numbers, its location is designated in numerals, and in the cipher Rosicrucian manuscript, left by Count St. Germain, it is fully described. In the Assyrian Tablets, it is rendered gan-dunyas.

“Behold”, say the Eloim of Genesis, “the man is become as one of us.” The Eloim may be accepted in one sense for gods or powers, and taken in another one for the Aleim, or priests; the hierophants initiated into the good and the evil of this world; for there was a college of priests called the Aleim, while the head of their caste, or the chief of the hierophants, was known as Java Aleim.

Instead of becoming a neophyte, and gradually obtaining his esoteric knowledge through a regular initiation, an Adam, or a man, uses his intuitional faculties, and, prompted by the Serpent – Woman and matter – tastes of the Tree of Knowledge – the esoteric or secret doctrine – unlawfully.

The priests of Hercules, or Mel-Karth, the “Lord” of the Eden, all wore “coats of skin”. The text says: “And Java Aleim, made for Adam and his wife, “CHITONUTH OUR.” The first Hebrew word, chitun, is the Greek chiton. It became a Slavonic word by adoption from the Bible, and means coat, an upper garment.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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