isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“We have but to leave unnoticed their letter that killeth, and catch the subtile spirit of their hidden wisdom, to find concealed in the Books of Hermes – be they the model or the copy of all others – the evidences of a truth and philosophy which we feel must be based on the eternal laws.

We instinctively comprehend that, however finite the powers of man, while he is yet embodied, they must be in close kinship with the attributes of an Infinite Deity; and we become capable of better appreciating the hidden sense of the gift lavished by the Elohim on H’Adam: “Behold, I have given you everything which is upon the face of all the earth…subdue it”, and “have dominion” over ALL.”

Had the allegories contained in the first chapters of Genesis been better understood, even in their geographical and historical sense, which involve nothing at all esoteric, the claims of its true interpreters, the kabalists, could hardly have been rejected for so long a time.

Every student of the Bible must be aware that the first and second chapters of Genesis could not have proceeded from the same pen. They are evidently allegories and parables; for the two narratives of the creation and peopling of our earth diametrically contradict each other in nearly every particular of order, time, place, and methods employed in the so-called creation.

In accepting the narratives literally, and as a whole, we lower the dignity of the unknown Deity. We drag him down to the level of humanity, and endow him with the peculiar personality of man, who needs the “cool of the day” to refresh him; who rests from his labors; and is capable of anger, revenge, and even of using precautions against man, “lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life.”

(A tacit admission, by the way, on the part of the Deity, that man could do it, if not prevented by sheer force.) But in recognizing the allegorical coloring of the description of what may be termed historical facts, we find our feet instantly on firm ground.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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