understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, if in the past you had always called forth the Great Central Sun’s Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love and Gratitude and Blessing, to all the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, instead of imposing discord upon them, it would have been very easy for you to hold your hand out and the Powers of Nature would have given you their boundless Blessings.

So Beloved Ones, this has many, many Blessings that will come to you once you establish the habit; and once you see how much happiness that habit will bring to you, I am sure you will continue it forever – because you cannot be free, even from the discord within your own flesh, or within your affairs, or in the atmosphere about you; you cannot be free from limitation and distress until Purification takes place.

And the Sacred Fire of Our Love has been called into those Beings that the Great Cosmic Law of Life has created and established, to make embodiment possible in this World, and your journey through it – to use the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements to fulfill the Great Divine Plan and reveal your Mastery.

But remember this; no matter how much Mastery you want in any channel, if you understood that all Mastery, all Perfection begins with, abides within, and stays within the Sacred Fire Love from your own Heart’s Flame of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun, and from the Ascended Masters’ Great Temples of the Sacred Fire, and from the Ascended Masters’ Heart Flames of Life, which have given you Their Love down through the ages – if you will begin to realize that everything good that you want abides within, begins manifestation, is sustained by and protected by the Sacred Fire Love of the Great Central Sun, as well as your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Host – this realization must come within you.

When it does, you will begin to let go of the habits of the outer self that have been your problems, your mistakes, your limitations, past and present, because every Activity of the Sacred Fire that you call forth in outer world conditions to release you from limitation – They are all the Gift of the Love of some part of Life!

That Sacred Fire Love from the Great Central Sun is the Master Power of the Universe. It is great enough, and Its Pressure is great enough to hold in Divine Balance and Divine Law and Order, all the Planets of a System around a Sun, and all the Systems of Suns that are held in Perfect Balance, around a greater Sun.

Until that is understood as the Great Divine Plan of Life, and mankind really understand how much Perfection and Power abide within that Sacred Fire Love, the outer self goes on just in a fragmentary way and does not gain its Freedom and does not fulfill the Great Divine Plan.

This which I offer for your acceptance is not only the freeing of the Earth from destructive forces, but the Freedom begins within yourself. The outer self, if it is willing to call forth the Sacred Fire Purifying Love of your own “Blessed Mighty I AM Presence”, into every outer physical condition of the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, and give Its Blessing and Purity and Love there, you will find It will repay you infinitely and for Eternity for everything you give.

I shall remind you of This as much as possible until you set the habit; and when you do, you will begin to realize that all the Powers of Nature, all the Blessings that the outer world calls wealth, can come to you as easily as the sunshine can come through your window.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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