Grateful Day, Everyone…

James 1_4 quote

“Will the earnest, sincere Students be kind enough to do Me the favor for the coming six months and not allow your attention to rest more than a moment on the thought of death? There is no death in the whole Universe! Yet many in the human octave still believe there is. However, that is not the case. Please watch and keep your attention away from it. Even if your attention does revert to it because of some appearance, take it off and go on about your work!

By the time the Messengers return here again, We want to find a release, a joy, a happiness, and the full consciousness of your power of Application – perhaps astonishing many of yourselves. We are endeavoring to give this Assistance, but We must have your cooperation to do it! Not that We wish to impose anything upon anyone, but if you wish to have Our Assistance, We are able to give It, providing you will comply with Our Request.

Now, you who have been rendering service in this Class will be able to feel, accept, and be that which you did not dream of at the beginning of this Class! As the Messengers move forward in this “I AM” Class work, you will see plenty of Manifestations of the Powers of the “Presence” to satisfy the most eager.

Then all will rest in the Greater Understanding, Comprehension, and Experience of this Vast Achievement.

…but if you have not the patience to continue until the Wisdom which is directing this “I AM” Activity sees fit to release these things, then you will meet disappointment.”- The Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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