Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 276

“Do you quite understand your Beloved America is like a Good Mother holding you in Her loving embrace? Do you understand that is what your America means to you; from Her Bosom giving forth the glories of all mankind needs for Sustenance, Health, Strength, Energy, and Power of Achievement!

Oh, Beloved Ones, you who live in the great cities have forgotten the agricultural world! Remember it again, please! Remember, without it you are lost! Remember – without your producers of the supplies of the world, you are lost! So, protect your supply of every kind! Remember – protect your transportation which has been brought to you in such magnificence.

Try to follow Me for a few moments and understand – that in the atmosphere of Earth, there are Currents of Electrical Energy of which the outer world knows nothing! In the new means of transportation, there will come something of the Knowledge of these air currents! Then, you will go into those air currents, and be carried with their Natural Speed, far beyond what your airplanes have today.

Those Natural Electrical Air Currents will carry those planes at a speed far beyond what you have today. By the airplane’s own power, its speed can be three, five, or seven times what you have today. These are the conditions which are before the people, if they will make the Call to Life and let the Presence of Life bring It forth!

They must call for all human selfishness to be wiped out; for that is what is withholding these things from mankind; because of the fear of loss of great wealth in cumbersome machinery!

The machinery of the future will be simple, light and magnificent, for the old cumbersome machinery must go! It has rendered a great service, beautiful and magnificent, but it cannot hold on forever. It must give way to that which is more Perfect; and everything which becomes more Perfect, becomes more simple, becomes lighter in weight, becomes more enduring.” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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