understanding the “i am”…that is you….

“Beloved of Our Hearts, I trust I may bring to you tonight something of the Inner Explanation of what Our Service to each one of your Life Streams means, how We bring It about, how you can have more of Its Power in outer use, and how you can use It to help all that you contact everywhere you go.

Our Life Streams have placed a Flame of Our Love in your foreheads. Therefore, the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim is definitely for your use and is definitely located within the physical structure of your flesh bodies.

It is My whole Protection around your own Life Stream, Our Own Heart’s Flame, and also gives to you Our Protecting Love to enfold whatever your “Presence” wants to do through you in the Protection that gives you Our Victory, the Victory of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Victory of the Great Central Sun, the Victory of the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

So, when you feel sometimes that conditions in the physical world seem overwhelming to you, don’t let that come in and cause a depression within you or cause you to be worried, or get under an emotional strain or under a nervous tension or under any activity of fear, if you can possibly avoid it.

The reason I ask this is because if the moment you are aware of mistakes or problems, or something that is of destruction in the outer world trying to interfere with what you wish to accomplish, don’t stop and argue with it! Don’t stop and argue with yourself.

The moment you are aware of any feeling of opposition or discord or strain or struggle, stop just a moment, and pouring the love from your own Heart Flame to your “Beloved I AM Presence” – and as you do that, feel that your Heart Flame, as It expands, becomes One with the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your forehead, and then reaches up to make the Call to your “Presence”.

As soon as you do that, then call for the Herculean Blazing Sacred Fire of Our Elohim Love into yourselves first, to give you Peace and make you feel Our Control of the physical conditions, because Our Flash of Flame can control things in an instant that you on the physical side cannot control.

Therefore, when discord needs to be consumed or repelled from conditions in which you are either active, or you wish to bring forth something constructive, don’t wait and give the sinister force a chance to come in and strike fear or doubt, or any activity of the human outer world feeling that is everywhere in the rest of mankind.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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