understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You can understand anything in this Universe that is of God or God’s Manifestation by sending your love through your attention to that which you want to understand and ask the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love to draw that Understanding back into you. Then your “Beloved I AM Presence” has a clear, open Doorway through which to draw to you at any moment, anything It might wish to use to give you a Magnificent Experience in this World that would bring you Joy for all Eternity. 

Now, let us take one more thing; and I will not hold you too long tonight. I want to give you a few simple things that are so clear, you can never lose them or never forget them. The Healing which mankind requires needs to be the Healing of that Love.

Therefore, if you send your love to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Central Sun Magnet, and ask that Its Love come in and around you as the Healing Love of the Universe, It would automatically just draw everything up and out of the vibratory action that is the discord. It would change every vibration in and around you and would become the Purifying Flame that releases the substance of the outer self from the discord and impurity imposed upon it.

Now your Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love is absolutely imperative if you want to draw to yourselves Supply. You so often, you know, look to the outer world and scratch around out here to get this and that and something else. Poor blessed humanity! The day you can get them to send their love to their “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host and ask the “Presence” to draw to them what they require – just because they love the “Presence”, there will not be such a thing as lack anywhere in this World.

When people want Supply from the outer world, if they would just first love the “Presence” – turn away from the need and give that “Presence” some love, and call to the Great Central Sun Magnet to release the Love that draws the things – if things you require – of this world into your outer use harmoniously, to produce Perfection for you and never bring with them one problem.

Don’t you think I am strong? And I am strong for the Understanding of that Love, and I am determined to use all the Power of Creation, if need be, to bring This before the attention of mankind until they believe Me enough to at least experiment with It until I can prove to them, by their own use of It, the Magnificence of Its Power and the Eternal Law of Its Action.

So, the next time you need anything in the physical world, whether be money or things or friends or opportunities, before you even look to the outer world for them, won’t you just send your love to your “Presence” and then to the Great Central Sun Magnet, and ask It to pour Its Love down and around you, and draw to you That which fulfills the Requirements, fulfills the Divine Plan, and leaves in your world more Love than you will ever require again!”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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