Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Jesus The Christ quote 17

“The protection which has been given America and certain other parts of the world during the past few months has transcended anything I have ever known in My experience. Oh! If humanity could but realize this, how gladly and willingly would they cooperate to their utmost to sustain it – so its All-Powerful Activity might ever increase.

We can but call your attention to the Truth, the Reality as We know it to be. When you can fully accept this Truth and apply it in your world and activity, you will have all the proof required in your own experience to enable you to know the Full Power of the Truth of which I have spoken. 

To all who can accept this Truth, it will enable Me to charge their consciousness and fill their worlds and activity with this Truth. They who doubt must wait, for doubt and fear are the two doors through which every human being must pass, to know and have his Full and Complete Freedom. The key that unlocks these doors is Divine Love in each one’s acknowledgment of his own “Mighty I AM Presence”, as the Fullness of the Power of Divine Love Acting.

The Door to the Seventh Octave of Light stands open to every one of the beloved students under this Radiation who will make sincere, earnest, Self-conscious application. This, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, means your Freedom. Can you, will you, grasp this with the Full Power of your “I AM Consciousness” – and be Free?” – Beloved Jesus The Christ

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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