understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, in carrying this Light of the Ascended Masters’ Instruction of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, My Dear Ones, the Radiation which comes through the actual Words of the Ascended Host is a Flame, as well as a Substance; and It is also the Radiation of the Light Rays from the Flame. And those Light Rays must penetrate the substance of the brain structure and the energy of the feeling world, which flows into the individual through the Heart and through the solar plexus, the stomach.

Now, you all know that the energy at the stomach is the first place that feels fear, irritation, distress, anger, depression, or anything that is a discordant feeling. The first place it strikes is the stomach; and this is because the great accumulation of energy there, through the food that is placed in it every day, makes it the target or point of contact for the destructive forces.

Now, if you will practice sending your love to the “Presence”, and send your love to the Great Central Sun Magnet, and ask It to draw you away from everything that is not Its Eternal Victory of that Love – I tell you frankly, Precious Ones, when you can feel the necessity of teaching all mankind to love the Life that is greater than themselves, if they would only pour the love There, they would rise out of their limitations.

They have loved their human desires a long while; and they have held their attention on those human desires, and their discord has bound them to the substance of this World. They have created that discord here in this octave; and through that, they bind themselves, and anchor themselves, and hold themselves in their limitations, because they will not give the love There that is the magnetic pull to draw them out of their limitation.

So, I tell you, Precious Ones, the Supreme Service to Life is to teach Life that has been bound by mankind’s human creation into the substance that is qualified with discord.

You must teach mankind to love the Life from whence they come, the greater Life that controls the Universe; and make them know that if their love goes There, the Love they receive back is Infinitely greater, and that Love from Above is the Magnet that draws them out of the conditions that form their distress and limitations in this World.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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