understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones in the Heart of Freedom, may I offer you tonight an Explanation of those Activities of Divine Love that are your release from everything in this World that causes you distress or limitation. And since you live in the City of Brotherly Love, let us understand what that Love is. You see, you must become an exponent of its Majesty and Its Power; and since you are in the actual Focus of Its Flame, you shouldn’t be able to express anything else.

Now, I am supposed to be a Being of Great Strength and Power; and trust I am! But what Strength and Power is it, do you think, that gives Me the Cosmic Opportunity to create Cosmic Conditions that bless Life through a whole System of Worlds? Because of the Power of that Love through which I have attained.

Now, when you understand that your Freedom from the limitations of this outer world comes only by your attention going to your “Blessed I AM Presence” in love, your attention carrying your love there, your attention coming to Our Octave – then from Our Octave must come the Power of Love to draw you out of connection with that which has been of discord through the centuries.

Now in understanding the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet, I wish you to remember this: the Power of that Magnet is the drawing activity of the Love from the Great Central Sun. So, when your love goes to that Great Central Sun Magnet, the very flow of the energy of your Life, qualified with love to that Great Central Sun and to Its Great Magnet – that, in itself, is a Raising Power and Raising Activity to the atomic structure of the physical body.

And now let Me show you how magnificent is that Power when you call It forth into your affairs. You know the action of a magnet is to draw to itself, isn’t it? Then, when you send your love to that Great Central Sun Magnet, your own love draws you there through your attention. The Love in that Central Sun Magnet draws you to Itself. Therefore, when you call Its Action, Its Authority, and Its Power into physical conditions, Its natural action is to draw that substance and that energy into the Flame of Its own Love, in order to make that substance and energy Eternal Love.”

Beloved Elohim Hercules

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