understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of Our Hearts, I trust I may bring you Assistance tonight in a way that will be very practical, and I trust will make your pathway easier and your control of outer world conditions more Victorious; and it is this.

If you will demand and command, before you go to sleep at night and when you first awaken in the morning, simply with every atom of your being, demand that your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host hold the Ascended Masters’ Control of your attention and keep it away from anything that would draw destruction into your world.

I have a very important reason for asking for this, because it will give Us a certain use of the Sacred Fire from Our Own Hearts’ Flame through your own brain structure; and in doing that, it will clear out many, many concepts that you have accepted, past and present.

Sometimes you don’t even know that you accept the feeling of conditions that are wrong in the outer world. This is to protect your emotional bodies from being stirred up, or stirred into action on destructive conditions, because the attention has gone to those conditions; and while your attention is upon them, it is pouring the destructively qualified feeling in those conditions into your Life Stream, of your own emotional body.

Therefore, if you will ask your “Mighty I AM Presence” first, always, and then the Ascended Masters’ Diamond-Shining Control of your attention that keeps it off of mistakes and problems and that which is wrong, you will feel a great relief in the pressure in your own feeling world. This will bring a Peace within you that will make you feel your own Power and Victory over conditions that have been of distress, past, or present.

There must become concerted action in each of you, by your own conscious Call, to cut yourselves free from every destructive etheric record – whether it be of yourselves or someone else, matters not.

And Our Sacred Fire Purity, Our Fiery Christ Blue-Lightning Purity is, I assure you, the complete Master Control of all the energy in your feeling world, if you will so command it.

But your attention is the thing, because it wanders here, there, everywhere; and if you allow it to rest upon destructive conditions that other people have generated, and maybe have touched your Life Streams; you can just as well seal yourselves within the Ascended Masters’ Control of your attention as to let it run wild, and let the destructive forces drive into you more and more of their destruction, until you of your own Free Will close the door of Eternity.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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