understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The more Purity you want, the more you will have to contemplate Purity. Without your attention upon It and your conscious Call for It, only a small portion of It flows into your world. There is a certain natural flow of It from your “Presence”, but you can intensify that beyond all measure by commanding your attention to go to the Elohim, that Glorious, Magnificent Presence of Eternal Invincible Purity, a Being whose Garments are of White Fire, whose Radiance is like White Lightning, and whose Love responds perhaps more quickly than any other one of the Great Cosmic Beings. Do you feel It? Will you accept It?…

He is the Light of Eternal Invincible Purity! He is the Great Cosmic Powerhouse or Pressure of Purity which is drawn from the Great Central Sun!…

Outside of the Knowledge of the “I AM Presence” and the use of the Violet Flame, through which My Freedom comes, mankind need this Mighty Elohim of Eternal Invincible Purity to pour forth His Pressure of the Cosmic Power which he wields, more than anything on this Earth today. They need It more than they need food! They need It more than they need air!…

O Great Elohim of Eternal Invincible Purity, purify the structure of these bodies! Purify the mental and feeling world! Purify the atmosphere wherever they move. Make them Thy Living Self in Action and release Thy Cosmic Pressure of Eternal Invincible Purity throughout America. Purify everything within Her borders and take Thy Dominion! Thou Great Builder of Creation, Thou art the Cornerstone of the Universe!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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