understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You don’t have to wait for your Ascension in order to observe what Mastery is; and you will have a lot more joy and a great deal more Mastery over this World by contemplating It now, than you will just before your Ascension. That might be the Completion of It; but you can enjoy many, many, many of Its wonderful Powers in your outer physical use, years before your Ascension is attained. We alone can give you the Feeling of that Mastery which is Ours!

If you are a musician, you can give your student your feeling of a musical composition; and the student, getting quiet, can absorb your feeling and play like you. And We can give you Our Feeling of the Builders of Creation. We can give you Our Feeling of Mastery, and this is the most wonderful Blessing of all: We can give you Our Feeling of Love to someone you don’t like! Did you ever think of that?

Sometimes, when it seems difficult to pour Cosmic Christ Love to someone that you think isn’t worthy of it or is doing something aggravating, if you call to Us, We can flash the Flame of Our Love to that Life Stream, at least to the “Presence” and Higher Mental Body, and to all that’s constructive in it. We can flash Our Flame of Love to that individual and do things on the moment that you could not quite do, because perhaps your feelings might not be governed for the moment; but We can help you to govern them.

Now then, let Us build first the Perfection within yourselves, by your Calls for that Cosmic Christ Love from the Great Central Sun that is Master Authority everywhere, that “Mighty I AM Presence” whose Love and Life in the Great Central Sun is Master throughout all the Universe.

Call It into yourselves until It qualifies your energy; and then call Our Love, Our Love and Our Mastery, Our Invincible Purity, and Our Authority into and through and around yourselves, and go forward and build the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan. Contemplate everything that you build with its effect, or its capacity to bring happiness to others; and you are bound to become happy yourself.

If you accept Our Partnership and if you like Our Way of Life, We can show you Designs that have never yet been on this Earth, but that are Beautiful beyond words to describe, and things that are going to come into outer action in the Permanent Golden Age. You can be the recipients of those Gifts! You can carry the Gifts of that Beauty into outer manifestation and have joy every step of the way.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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