Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 257

“If something is out of order, then the entire activity is held in abeyance, until it is put into order, so the whole may go forth in BALANCED ACTIVITY. While you are in somewhat of a similar position, Life will not permit you, who are ready to give obedience, to longer be held back by others who might not give the obedience.

Therefore, I am more than delighted today, to call your attention to these facts; because in the mass raising activity, it would largely depend on the combined Harmony and Obedience. Since Life has made this slight change, I am grateful those who can, may go forward now, and the others follow later, if necessary.

Today, in accepting the Vast Power and Freedom, thru the Dispensation for your Ascension, I ask you, Beloved Ones, please do not look upon this idly. Do not think it is just someone’s imagination. It is a Reality, and remember, those who accept Our Assistance and do enter into the Ascension, will never in eternity return to this dense sphere of Earth! They will function forever in their Purified, Perfected Bodies, as We are doing today!

Think of it! This is not said to make you feel bad; but to make you feel charged, with the Current of Energy which is contained in My Words! Some of you were with Me at the time so long ago, when I went forward, and you chose to give your attention to the things of the world. Now, once again, We meet to go forward together!

The Greatest, Mightiest of all the Power of Understanding is this one point! Think, thru so many hundreds of centuries, you have played with the things of the outer world! In My choice to go forward in the Perfection, which was Ours then, I have gone on into This Great Glorious Dominion and Authority over Life! It makes it possible for Me to now give you Our Assistance today.” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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