Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 255

“Beloved Ones, in the lack of understanding, Oh how you have pushed aside, as it were – some of you for several lifetimes, the Magnificent Perfection which Life – I cannot quite say struggled to bring forth, because Life in Itself never struggles – but thru the Higher Mental Body, saw the possibility of giving to you.

Your feeling often caused a tremendous struggle in trying to free Itself, and reach out for the Blessings, which It knew were there; but when the attention was held so powerfully on the conditions of the outer world, the appearance world, the feeling was not able to release the Blessing of Life.

That is why, if you understand the Great Extreme Privilege which is yours in Our Understanding of Life; you will see how in cooperating with It, today, you have made it possible for this Service to be rendered.

Please do not pass any human opinions about what I shall do. You know nothing about it; but I know exactly what “I AM” doing, and “I AM” doing it! Therefore, be kind enough to accept ALL I offer, even though you might be here for the first time. Later you will see and understand why It has been done.

The need of mankind today is so great, every possible effort Life can permit, is being made; and I know many of you have sufficient Release of Light, to understand the Import of My Words, and that which I shall do for you.

Remember, in all which is done, except in a few Activities of the Currents of Energy, you may, if you so determine, undo it; because you are the Authority as to how the Currents of Energy will act.” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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