understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, there is an old statement you have heard many, many times: “You think in secret, and you feel in secret” (so you think), “and the Law of Life rewards you openly!” I want to explain, because I hope We can roll it up now in a ball in the Violet Flame and consume it forever, and release all of your feelings from this thing that you have considered a problem about the age limit of the “I AM” Ascended Master Youth.

You know, if you let that thing get going, personal feeling rides high; and when you get through, you still haven’t solved your problems, have you? Aren’t you still faced with this one and that one every so often saying, “Well, am I eligible?”, or “Can I come in if I’m this age, or that age?”, or something else?  Let me tell you the Law. And this married and single problem – you must get out of yourselves and look back upon yourselves, and you will learn a lot. You can be married and as pure as the Heart of the Central Sun; and you can be unmarried and as filthy as the compound.

Now the Law is the Law, and that’s a matter for every individual to decide within himself or herself; and unless you do keep your innermost secret thoughts and feelings and pictures in your mind as pure as the Heart of the Central Sun, if you will do that, then you will find all things around you becoming that Purity and that Light and that Joyous Perfection that is the Authority of Freedom. And Precious Ones, that’s the only Authority and Freedom in all the Universe!

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” can’t give you Perfection in your outer affairs, or in your minds and bodies, unless the Purity of Its own Heart’s Flame, which is the Love from the Great Central Sun, floods into you and purifies all the energy of your emotional bodies and your mental bodies, and removes from your mind and the atmosphere about you, the pictures that are not Purity and Perfection.

Mankind have gone on, Precious Ones, like an ostrich with its head in the sand, imagining they can go on and misuse this Great Energy of Life and not be found out; and all the time something comes along and bowls them over from behind, and they are in another turmoil, they are in another war.

Now please, don’t be an ostrich. You’re “I AM” Students! If you want the Truth, We will tell It to you! If you don’t, you will have to go to the outer world and suffer it out, that’s all; but he who won’t listen to the Truth, he who will not conquer that outer self, is in for distress – I don’t mind telling you.”

The Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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