understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is a great Law of Energy and Vibration which you have been told of, need to be reminded of again and again. The Great Cosmic Law of Energy, which is Life, is not stingy; but It does not permit any unnecessary use of Itself. Therefore, if there is an unnecessary use of the energy, or the substance, or the supply of your world, it’s going to come back some day as a shortage.

Now then, supposing these mistakes have been made; supposing there are these limitations in the appearance world; you can take every one of them as they come to you, and demand that the Hand of the “Mighty I AM Presence” strike Its Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame into the condition, burn it up instantly, compel the annihilation of its cause and all intended through it; and then demand the Unfed Flame in Its Cosmic Christ Action of the Mightiest Love of all Creation, come there to abide forever!

Then, wherever you move, you will replace imperfection with the Flame of Perfection; and you cannot go on and flood This into the atmosphere around you constantly as a matter of habit, without yourselves automatically becoming That.

Now this is simply the Law of Energy and Vibration. It is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t know anything about your motive, doesn’t know what you are going to do with the energy. If you call for energy, energy comes and is released. If you qualify It with limitation and discord, or domination over someone else, it’s going to come back and dominate you.

If there is a shortage of anything in your world, know that it has a cause, My Dear Ones! It couldn’t be in your world, or in touch with your world, or contact your world, if it weren’t somewhere originally connected with the energy of your world.

And therefore, if it is connected; supposing it is a return of something that is a mistake of the past, say: “All right, since you’re my Life and I have done this thing to you, I now lift you by the Love and Forgiveness of the Cosmic Christ, that Life of mine in the Great Central Sun, whose Violet Consuming Flame draws you into the Heart of Its Love, purifies you, consumes everything that is of discord, clothes you with the Unfed Flame, and you go forward now as my Freedom!”

My Dear Ones, you can take every problem, every bill, every limitation that you have, whether it be mind, body, or affairs, and by that use of the Violet Consuming Flame, and your Call to the Cosmic Christ Love, the Mightiest of all Eternity, to move into action, into those things, and pouring that Love upon that, command that energy to become the Authority of your Freedom; and manifestations and conditions of Freedom will appear, as surely as you do it, as surely as you exist in the Universe today.

And no matter, Precious Ones, how great this activity becomes, no matter how wonderful your accomplishment is, please remember My Words today: remain humble, and grateful, and obedient to that “Mighty I AM Presence”, and give It full credit for everything!”

Beloved Elohim of Purity

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