understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Blessed Blessed Ones, when We have furnished the Heart Flames of Our Love into the physical bodies of mankind – millions and millions and billions, century after century after century – don’t you think sometime We want you to awaken, and all mankind awaken, realize the Reality of Our Presence, and understand what We can do to set mankind Free from its own darkness, its own distress, and its own misunderstanding of Life, until the continual Purification takes place that returns the outer intellectual consciousness into the use of the Higher Mental Body.

Your outer consciousness can just as well be filled with the Light and the Perfection and the Victory of the Higher Mental Body, as to let your intellect accept the things of the outer world that are not the Perfection of Life. And if you ask the Seven Mighty Elohim to charge you with Their Ascended Master Consciousness of what We know will make you Master over the discord of the World, you’ll open the Door and give Us an Opportunity to fill you with Our Life’s Love, Our Purity, Our Perfection, and Our Light, that can tell you ahead of time whether a thing is going to be a success or not.

Your need is to blaze Light into the future, and you need it to close the door of the past against the remembrance of the discord and the distress, and the destruction and the failure, of the mistakes of the past. Please don’t remember anything that is a mistake of the past!

Don’t let the outer world’s intellectual explanations say, “Well, you have to learn from the mistakes of the past.” You don’t have to do anything of the kind! You make God dependent on evil if you say that. Don’t accept it!

You can have all the Sacred Fire Illumining Love and Intelligence, and Almighty Perfection of Eternity to come right into you, and tell you the Perfection that is needed for you to hold control of outer physical conditions, and that forever makes you master of circumstance.

We ask you to do this because We want to close the door of the past; We want to help you plan the Perfection of the future, but you never live any time but this immediate second!

Your Eternal Now is the only time you can ever live; the Eternal Now, this immediate instant! The past is gone, the next one has not come yet; so you can only live in the Eternal Now.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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