understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, if you experiment with Our World, you can’t have mistakes because Our World doesn’t contain any! If you use Our Heart Flame’s Purity, Love, and Peace in anything you do, there cannot come within you anything but Our Perfection.

And if you would always say to your “Blessed Mighty I AM Presence”: “Fill me and let me accomplish everything by your Heart Flame’s Indestructible, Invincible Purity, Love, and Peace”, you couldn’t create discord in yourselves or in outer world conditions.

So this is simply a matter of drawing in and around yourselves that which We know produces Perfection for Eternity. Then you become like the Sun, a Radiating Presence of Our Heart Flame’s Love, a Radiating Presence of the Sacred Fire Love of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Then the Angelic Host can accompany you, can draw more Sacred Fire around you, and control outer physical world conditions for your Protection, your Prosperity, your Healing, and clothe you with the Power to help the rest of Life rise out of the self-created shadows of mistakes and suffering, and limitation and death — because the second death only comes when mankind will not turn back and use the Sacred Fire of Our Love, to do what needs to be done inside the physical body and into outer world conditions, and let Harmony and Purity and Love set things into Divine Order; purify things, set all into Divine Order; hold Perfect Balance, which is Divine Justice; and let the Divine Plan of the Ascended Masters’ Octave be drawn into the physical conditions of this World; create the Peace of Eternity, and the Illumination that forever expands Its greater and greater Blessings, and Treasure-house of existence.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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