understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind has pushed aside and turned its back upon the Infinite Intelligence of Perfection when the outer self becomes discordant; and there is only one thing in all Eternity can open the Door for the Infinite Perfection of Life to come back into the use of a Life Stream that has turned away from the Light; only one thing can bring the Light that turns the individual back to the Perfection from whence it came and from whence comes all that is Good, and the only Source there is of Peace and Happiness and Purity and Perfection and Victory.

Mankind must be purified; but those of the Life Streams in this World who are turning to the Light at this time and trying to call God as they understand it, many of them have very, very great Light in the Causal Body, which means that they have the Power to arise and accomplish the Ascension if a certain amount of Help is given from Our Ascended Master Octave.

That is why the Mighty Saint Germain brought the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, so as many Life Streams as possible could turn to the Light at this time, understand Our Existence, accept Our Love, and use It to purify the outer self and to help purify the Nation, and help Us purify the World.

This is the only Release from mankind’s distress. It’s the only Release there is from mankind’s frightful, destructive human creation. It’s the only Release that can ever come to take mankind out of war, and take war off of the Earth.

Mankind must learn to be reverent to that Infinite Universe by which it is surrounded, that blesses it constantly with the greater Life and the greater Light that is the Love from the Great Central Sun, that illumines the Earth and sustains your life every day. If the Physical Sun and Its Light and Its Love were withdrawn, you could not exist in this World.

Mankind must understand something beside its own discord; and the Fullness of everything that is the Ascended Masters’ Perfection of Eternity is contained within the Sevenfold Flame of the Heart Flames of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation.

We are the Guardians of the Cosmic Powers that created this Planet and brought the Powers of Nature upon it for mankind’s use. We are the Builders of Creation! We are the Guardians of the Heart Flame from the Great Central Sun; and there must come some kind of Conscious Understanding of the Reality of Our Existence, and the Purity that is imperative if mankind is to understand the Truth of Existence and cooperate with the great Powers of Mastery that can be drawn here to raise all into the Ascension.

Everything that you want to fulfill the Divine Plan or do anything that is constructive, depends on the Harmony and the Purity of Our Love! It depends on the Harmony and Purity of the Love of your “Mighty I AM Presence”! It depends on the Harmony and the Purity and the Love of the Physical Sun.

Then it’s time mankind understood that the Divine Beings, who are that Almighty Perfection of Life, are the Authority over this World, and not mankind’s destruction!”

Beloved Elohim of Peace

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