understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wish to explain Our Blessings and Our Service to Life, Our Divine Plan’s Fulfillment, and Our Effort to assist the Mighty Saint Germain to purify and save this Nation that is the Heart of the World. And if We do not save it, you will not have civilization anywhere in the World! You will not have beings taking embodiment in this World unless this Nation is purified and protected and saved, that its Heart may hold Our Love to help the rest of the World go forward to its Ascension.

Mankind needs to understand the Heart Flame of Life from which Perfection always comes, which is Eternal, which is forever expanding, and which is the Victory and the Ever-Illumining Presence of the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Perfection.

Mankind can have Limitless Love and Purity, and Power without limit to wipe out everything in this World that is less than Perfection, if mankind wants It. If mankind will look up to That which is greater than itself, and ask for the greater Perfection, and then realize that the outer self must be purified if it is going to be worthy to use that greater Perfection, which the outer self many times wants, but will not make the outer self worthy of Its Presence. You must be worthy of Life’s Great Blessings, Precious Ones.

When mankind misuses the Divinest Gifts in all Infinite Space, the Divinest Powers of Life’s Perfection, mankind is entrusted with those Blessings, those Powers of Creation, then certainly They carry a Responsibility to the individual who is blest by those Activities of Life within the outer personal self.

I shall develop Gratitude and Understanding, Reverence and Peace within the feeling of the outer Self of every individual to whom I give My Love, because there must come Honor, and Reverence, and Adoration, and Conscious Illumination and Understanding, of That which is greater than mankind.

Mankind must understand the greater Perfection and Blessing that Love alone can manifest; and down here, mankind must make itself worthy of that Love if human beings’ discord and limitations and destruction are to be consumed.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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