Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 240

“If it came house-cleaning time and someone offered to assist you, would you just sit down and let them do all the work? I think not. You would be so grateful that you would take hold with them and do all you could, to complete that accomplishment as quickly as possible. Now, If I am willing to give you My Assistance, will you not take hold with Me and do your part? Don’t expect Me to carry all. I think you see that clearly.

In This, your Call to Life, which is so much beyond your comprehension as yet – and I say it really very kindly – in the human, as long as some of its qualities are yet acting, your comprehension is limited.

You do not realize how much resistance is in the feeling world of the average Individual! You do not know how much still stands there thru habit – questioning this, or that, or the Power of the Light, or the Presence, to do these things!

Yet, the intellect sees and knows definitely the Power of Light is in Its Full Action right there with you. Your intellect cannot accept anything but the Power of your Presence at your Call, to silence all human qualities, perform Its Service and produce Its Perfection for you. There is no question about it! THEREFORE, IN ALL THE FULLNESS OF YOUR HEART, YOUR GREAT HEART’S LOVE, FEEL YOURSELVES ONE WITH US.

When We have brought you to this point, you must continue on. Then, as you accomplish one thing after another, your confidence will be complete; but, DO NOT LET YOUR HUMAN ONCE AGAIN QUESTION YOUR ABILITY OR YOUR AUTHORITY, to call forth the Fullness of all you desire from the Presence!” – The Great Divine Director

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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