Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 236

“Beloved Ones, there is nothing hidden from the Light. We know exactly what is in your feeling, in your motive! Therefore, do not try ever to deceive each other; or worst of all try to deceive yourselves. Unfortunately, many of mankind in the attempt to deceive others, have only deceived themselves.

Since so much has been accomplished – I cannot take the time to even intimate to you all that has been accomplished – but sufficient I think has been said, to give you some idea and to make your Hearts rejoice forever, you who are sincere. 

Because a thing is invisible, does not mean that it is not tangible. My Presence is invisible to you; but I am VERY TANGIBLE, and My Currents of Energy are VERY TANGIBLE.

Today, you are living in a world charged with human discord and mankind must have more than ordinary protection; and also the students who want to go forth to Victory. Therefore, This Assistance is being given, and I trust that every one of you can comprehend and feel the Truth of Those Words! If you can, then We will be able to render Greater and Greater continued Service.

Do you think, Beloved Ones, that the Messengers would come, again and again into your midst; and We would pour forth the Radiation which is released in these Classes, if We had not some Definite Purpose for it? To be a temporary thing would be well; but in the ultimate, it would be comparatively useless. Therefore, ALL THAT WE DO HAS A PERMANENT SUSTAINING ACTIVITY; AND NO ONE CAN RELAX OR SLIP BACK FROM THIS WHICH WE BRING TO YOU.”

The Great Divine Director

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