isis unveiled: xiii (alchemy)

“”The great energies of Nature are known to us only by their effects”, said Paley. Paraphrasing the sentence, we will say that the great achievements of the days of old are known to posterity only by their effects. If one takes a book on alchemy, and sees in it the speculations on gold and light by the brothers of the Rosi Cross, he will find himself certainly startled, for the simple reason that he will not understand them at all.

“The Hermetic gold”, he may read, “is the outflow of the sunbeam, or of light suffused invisibly and magically into the body of the world. Light is sublimated gold, rescued magically by invisible stellar attraction, out of material depth. Gold is thus the deposit of light, which of itself generates. Light in the celestial world is subtile, vaporous, magically exalted gold, or ‘spirit of flame’. Gold draws inferior natures in the metals, and intensifying and multiplying, converts into thyself.”

Nevertheless, facts are facts; and, as Billot says of spiritualism, we will remark of occultism generally and of alchemy in particular — it is not a matter of opinion but of facts; men of science call an inextinguishable lamp an impossibility, but nevertheless persons in our own age as well as in the days of ignorance and superstition, have found them burning bright in old vaults shut up for centuries; and other persons there are who possess the secret of keeping such fires for several ages.

Men of science say that ancient and modern spiritualism, magic, and mesmerism, are charlatanry or delusion; but there are 800 millions on the face of the globe, of perfectly sane men and women, who believe in all these. Whom are we to credit?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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