Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 232

“Just for a few moments, will you still yourselves? Don’t cross your feet or hands. Just make yourselves willingly obedient and open to these Great Currents of Energy, as I call them forth; to pour thru your bodies, your feeling world, so this Service may be rendered completely for you.

I speak directly to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, of each one. I command the Higher Mental Body of each one, to release and pour forth the Mighty Current of the Unfed Flame thru and under the feet of each one. Hold in Its Mighty Action, the Violet Consuming Flame so all impurity may be washed out of the human body; out of the feeling world and into the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, to free these Beloved Ones. Render this Service so powerfully, Higher Mental Body of each one, that they may feel It now.

With Its Mighty Courage, Strength, and Power flowing thru, may each be a world of such Happiness, Courage, Strength, the Full Power and Feeling of their Dominion over all conditions. Then nothing longer obstructs the way in their feeling world, to this Mighty Presence of Light, as It flows forth to perform Its Service for them.

We stand in the Presence of Life as Its Mighty Power and Currents and Energy are flooding forth now into and thru your bodies, sweeping out all imperfection!

The Light when you call It forth, knows no opposition. It flows in, thru and around your physical body; thru your feeling world, dissolving, consuming and sweeping out every limiting discordant, destructive quality which has been acting there. Then as you remain harmonious accepting this – qualify It eternally sustained in action for you, so It may render this Perfect Service.

We thank You Mighty Presence of Life for answering this Command; for holding It sustained forever, until each hour, each day, greater Harmony, greater Perfection manifest within the body, the mental and feeling world of each one; charged with the Glory of all Happiness which is the Perfection of Life, now and forever sustained.”

The Great Divine Director

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