understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Blessed Ones, as you school yourselves and set this habit, and you begin to create this Sun Presence of Greater Perfection and Purifying Freedom to Life, as you draw more Power into yourselves, as you demand more Power to purify and free the Life around you, We will add to That. So your Power increases more and more rapidly. But only as you increase It to give It out here, can We pour the Greater Power into you and make you more powerful, make you a more intense Sun Presence of the Greater Power from Our Octave. So, the Greater Power in you of Mastery depends on the Greater Power of Blessing that you give to Life around you. And there’s no substitute for blessing Life.

This Messenger has three times today had a quite amazing experience, and she tries it many times just to see the reaction: People of the outer world, just the general run of people, when she has said, “God bless you for a miracle day”, there’s instantly an awakening, instantly a smile, instantly a response; and she receives, “Oh, thank you!”  Now what do you think is that action of Life?

Beloved Saint Germain told you in the early days, that something very wonderful was established in and around you when you form the habit of just saying, “God bless you!”, and meaning it.

As that goes out to touch Life, you have no idea the burdens you lift; and it is so easy to do. There’s nothing difficult. It’s not complicated, but you must desire to give It. And when that is your desire, Our desire can be fulfilled in you and through you, and Our Desire for the World to be free comes more quickly into outer fulfillment.

So, Blessed Ones, there’s no substitute for the Blessing to Life. Just enjoy it; and if you will give It, We can give to you the Boundless Blessings of Our Octave. Then your world becomes the Ascended Master World of Perfection; and wherever you abide, you are the Magnetic Raising Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Blessing to Life.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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