Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 231

“You are in a position, understanding this Law now, to know what to do and how to do it. With your determined application, exact results will be produced, as exact as mathematics.

Beloved Ones, do not accept any longer there is a person, place, or condition which can confront you, limit you, or deprive you of a single thing. Such an opposition cannot exist if you do not accept it in your feeling world.

Now train yourselves, because you cannot move in the physical world today, without looking upon these things to some extent. For instance, you see an accident, so-called, and you immediately feel tension and distress, if you don’t know this Law!

If you do know this Law, when you see an accident occur, instead of being disturbed, you call to your Presence with a great calm sincerity, to render Its Service to bless all there. Then, your Presence projects a Mighty Light Ray into that condition; and will bring Perfection out of it, which you could not even imagine. This is how It acts.

Now remember, the old concept has taught the people that they receive premonitions; they receive promptings of this, that, or the other thing, which is going to occur. My dear people, please understand and see these promptings were given to prevent the thing occurring, instead of accepting it to act in your world. This is where mankind has made such great mistakes!

Constantly thru their feeling, Individuals have been receiving promptings; but they do not understand them or know how to interpret them. Then, they say: “I am due for an accident; I am due for a loss.” They accept it, and of course it will take place. Instead of saying, when they receive a prompting: “Thank you! That will not take place in my world.” Then it would never take place; it could not.

Unless people refuse acceptance to such things and apply this Law, they are constantly allowing limiting things to have greater power over themselves.

At the slightest intimation of the thing say: “You have no power! Get OUT!”, and it gets out! But the moment you begin to accept a thing in your feeling, you are giving it power to act there to disturb, limit, or distress you. It is not necessary, Dear Ones.” 

The Great Divine Director

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