Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 229

“In your requirements in the commercial world, you think you must labor so many hours; that you must put forth tremendous effort. Well at the present, you do have to do so; but look at the Great Truth of Life! If you would decree for your Presence of Life, to release from Its Treasure-House the Limitless supply of money, all else required for your Service to the Light, or whatever you wish to do, you would have fulfilled the requirements of Life.

If you reach out here through your physical efforts without that Call, you will find yourself making more, more, and more physical effort with less and less results! This is why, as long as you reach out to your fellowman for something, believing it must come from there, so long will you remain limited; and ofttimes more and more.

Life has always wanted you to turn to Its Mighty Focus, which the “Mighty I AM” is; because It is your supply of everything which exists in the World. You may not quite see this; but unless the Power of your Presence acts thru your human efforts, it amounts to nothing, as many of you have found. You work and strain and struggle with great stress in your human efforts; and barely have enough to cover your back and to feed yourself. That is not Right!

When Nature has provided everything in lavish abundance for all mankind’s requirements; what has happened, when some of mankind do not have abundance? Because they have been reaching out more and more to human Beings, persons, places, and conditions – expecting to receive from there.

If you will listen, FEEL, and turn to your Presence, accept It as the Treasure-House of your world; make the Call to your Presence, to release into your hands and use the money and supply you require, then the Wisdom of the Presence with Its Light Rays, will reach out! Whatever the channels the Presence in Its Great Wisdom wishes to use, will come to your assistance. There is nothing in the World can stop it.”

The Great Divine Director

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