Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 225

“All your Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth to you, is just the Explanation, the Application of your Mighty Presence, the Law of Life! There is not a thing unusual or mysterious about it; and Oh, try to understand and feel that. Then, when you understand It, you will see how in your application, you are Master of any condition which confronts you.

In the experience of the Messengers, as conditions arise which are distressing to mankind, when their bodies come into the environment, those conditions change. Sometimes that is necessary, so those conditions dissolve and disappear. Nobody can deny it, because it has been done many many times, and the great numbers of students have seen it take place.

Do not let anyone be foolish enough in thought to refute this Statement, because it is True! Whatever the Messengers have done, every one of you can do. Their Happiness and Freedom is complete. Therefore, when they call for something, it immediately appears.

When you understand you are the Authority in your world, and as long as you hold your Life Stream free from feeding into limiting appearances, places or conditions, you will have the Full Glory of Life. It will pour like a Great River into your activity, to spread Its Great – Its Mighty Blessing to you.”

The Great Divine Director

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