isis unveiled: xiii (alchemy)

“As early as 1836, the public was apprised of certain phenomena which were as extraordinary, if not more so than all the manifestations which are produced in our days. The famous correspondence between two well-known mesmerizers, Deleuze and Billot, was published in France, and the wonders discussed for a time in every society. Billot firmly believed in the apparition of spirits, for as he says, he has both seen, heard, and felt them.

Deleuze was as much convinced of this truth as Billot, and declared that man’s immortality and the return of the dead, or rather of their shadows, was the best demonstrated fact in his opinion. Material objects were brought to him from distant places by invisible hands, and he communicated on most subjects with the invisible intelligences.

“In regard to this”, he remarks, “I cannot conceive how spiritual beings are able to carry material objects.”  More skeptical, less intuitional than Billot, nevertheless, he agreed with the latter that “the question of spiritualism is not one of opinions, but of facts.” Such is precisely the conclusion to which Professor Wagner, of St. Petersburg, was finally driven. In the pamphlet of Mediumistic Phenomena, issued by him December, 1875, he administers the following rebuke to Mr. Shkliarevsky, one of his materialistic critics:

“So long as the spiritual manifestations were weak and sporadic, we men of science could afford to deceive ourselves with theories of unconscious muscular action, or unconscious cerebrations of our brains, and tumble the rest into one heap as juggleries. But now these wonders have grown too striking; the spirits show themselves in the shape of tangible, materialized forms, which can be touched and handled at will by any learned skeptic like yourself, and even be weighed and measured. We can struggle no longer, for every resistance becomes absurd; it threatens lunacy. Try then to realize this, and to humble yourself before the possibility of impossible facts.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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