Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 222

“As you are calling for mankind’s Freedom and the Protection of America, you are rendering a Service, which intensifies your own Individual answer to your requirements beyond words to explain. These Mighty Decrees, We have suggested for the Blessing of mankind and the Protection of America, are first, rendering a Great Service to the whole of mankind; and also rendering a Great Service to your environment; which must produce COMPLETE HARMONY and the release of all you require in your Individual life.

You have all understood and heard it presented from various angles, it is more blessed to give than to receive. That is quite true, if you understand what you are giving! Most of you interpret that to mean money alone; or the Outpouring of Love and Blessings alone; or health, strength, courage, and all those qualities which mankind requires; but it is more than just that.

The Call to Life means Absolute Freedom, which your Mighty Goddess of Liberty represents to America and the World. You will remember those Great Ones represent to you Freedom, Victory, and Peace.

They are more than just a thought, Beloved Ones. Those Beings are Real! Therefore, in all you wish to have done, They are ready and willing when you give obedience to Life, to charge your feeling world, which is your Powerhouse, with the Qualities They possess.

The Mighty Victory is the Power of Victory in action in your feeling world! The Goddess of Liberty is the Liberty and Glory of Life! The various Other Ones are Freedom and Peace.

When you understand what the Goddess of Peace has done, you will know It is a Transcendent Service. It could not have been done, if the war entity of the World had not been consumed. She would not have come forth! Had she not seen and known this could be done, She would have remained within the Great Silence!”

The Great Divine Director

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