understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because of the interference with the physical sight of so many of the people of the World, as you call My Cosmic Power of Sight, Inner and outer, to purify and perfect the Sight and the Power of Seeing in all Life, it will enable Me to at all times send to you or through you, the Pictures from the Inner Level of the Perfection that is to come into the Incoming Civilization.

Now don’t go off on a wild tangent and, every time you see something from the Inner, imagine that that’s the Perfection from the Ascended Masters’ Octave. Unless it is Perfection, do not accept it!

If you call for My Power of Perfect Sight, Inner and outer, to clear the comprehension of mankind, to perfect their sight that all may see the Perfection that is to come, then you will in your Call as a Blessing to the rest of Life, you will have that Perfection within yourselves.

So Blessed Ones, the Power of the All-Seeing Eye of God is of tremendous import to Life everywhere, because It begins with the Comprehending Consciousness within the individual to understand. And then, as the Pictures are held within the mind, and the feelings love those Pictures of Perfection, that feeling is the Drawing Power that lowers that into your outer use.

Blessed Ones, heretofore you have built things in your world by gathering outer world conditions and things together, and you placed them together and built what you call your modern civilization. I am offering you the Ascended Masters’ Way of producing Manifestation!

This time, if you will reach into the Sun Presence of your “Beloved I AM”, and reach into Our Octave to draw forth these Qualities and Powers and Manifestations of Life, you will draw Our Perfection, and create in this World and lower into outer world conditions, the Perfection We have already waiting for you!

Beloved Ones, It will bring you Blessings without limit, and it will be the reversal of the old habits of looking to the outer, and feeling that only the things that you see and can feel are real. We might seem to be Invisible, but not nearly so much so as mankind believes, and We are far more tangible than anyone understands.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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