Grateful Day, Everyone.

The Great Divine Director quote 218

“All you are or ever hope to be, depends upon your acceptance of this Light, your own Beloved “Mighty I AM Presence”; and your willingness to apply the Law set before you. I have brought to you, that for which mankind has searched for centuries. Many of you I see appreciate it greatly; therefore, to you be the Freedom of Life!

Beloved Ones, in all which exists upon this Earth or within the human octave, there is not one thing of importance except your Life. You have given authority and power without limit, to everything in the world but your own Life! Then, you wonder why you are not Free, or why you are in distress and limitation.

Do you not see, as you have looked upon human creation, you thought it was the authority and power; giving it your Life, to send back its discord, limitations, and distress to act in your world?

Look how quickly the whole World of the Messengers reversed, when they began to refuse acceptance of the human creation and outer appearance in their world. When they called the Great Presence of Life into action, see how quickly they were Free; and doing that which no one of mankind has ever done before; calling forth the Power of Light to supply and serve them, and It has not failed!

You do not have to be failures; you do not have to be subject to the conditions you see about you! If a thousand people were in distress about you, and you stood alone with your own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, your world would be filled with Happiness, Supply, and Free from the surrounding conditions, no matter what they were!”

The Great Divine Director

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