understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, let Us enter tonight into that deeper Understanding of Life that feels from the Heart of Creation, the Power of that Cosmic Christ Love within Life that is the Immortality of the Universe, that is the Strength and Power to do anything, and that is the Perfect Design of all Life’s Perfection. Tonight, if you will come with Me on a Journey, I will give you a bird’s eye view of what it means to watch the humanity of Earth over a long period of centuries, again and again and again choose suffering.

Long have We waited for this Cycle to come in, wherein We could set aside the destructive use of the Free Will of mankind in this World enough to force the removal of the accumulated destruction and viciousness that has been imposed upon the Powers of Nature and imposed upon Life in this World. This is truly a schoolroom of existence, and of course I need not tell you it’s rather strenuous. But it has been strenuous for a long while, and now We see the dawn breaking in the east. We see the dawn of the New Day of the Violet Consuming Flame.

May you dwell within Its Sunshine Presence, and entering into the Great Powerhouse of the Universe, the Power of Transmutation, wherever you abide, call It into outer physical conditions and transmute everything you contact into something better, just for the sheer joy of doing it; because when you can learn to give the Perfection of Life everywhere just for the Joy of giving It, there will come into your outer use the Onrushing Perfection and Cosmic Flow of that which is to come into outer manifestation to fill the World, to fill you, and to be the raising Power that ever raises all manifestation to greater and greater Perfection.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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