understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is the Divine Plan of Creation from the beginning of mankind’s embodiment in this World; and that’s why human beings have been reminded again and again and again in every age, “Call unto Me and I will answer thee!” Why do you suppose mankind was told to call unto Us, if We were not necessary?

Mankind is not nearly as self-sufficient as it thinks it is; and the day you get rid of the idea that the outer self is the doer and the knower and so on, you will find a peace you have never known before, because you are going to have to, someday, sometime, somewhere recognize, admit, and remember that the Heart Flame of Life is the Knower, the Giver, the Doer, the Manifester of every bit of Perfection in the Universe.

And when you come to that point, then your intellect, the Flame in the Sevenfold Flame in the forehead, and the Heart Flame within the Heart become one Flame, and you become the Master of the Sacred Fire!

Beloved Ones, mankind has had so many suggestions poured to the intellect down through the ages, that the confusion is amazing; that’s the only thing I have to say. And don’t accept that old phrase, “No person is your friend, no one is your enemy, everybody is your teacher.” Don’t you believe it!

The only teacher of Eternal Truth in the Universe there is, is your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host!

Anything in anybody that is constructive is the “Mighty I AM Presence” of that Life Stream. Every bit of anything constructive in anybody is the “Beloved I AM Presence”, and that “Presence” must be given credit.

Then, if you need the assistance of someone else that, perhaps, has poured more time and energy into learning something than you have, and that person knows the truth or is doing that which is constructive, well, then whatever is constructive there, is the Gift of the “Presence”. So don’t give that human thing credit that belongs to the “Presence” or the Ascended Host.

That’s why the Mighty Saint Germain said to you in the beginning of this Instruction: “If in every thought, feeling, word, and act of the personal self, credit could be given to the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ as the Doer, Miracles unbelievable would take place.”

I say the same thing to you tonight. If in everything you want to do, or that needs to be done or even that has been done, if it’s a mistake, call Our Seven Mighty Elohim Sacred Fire’s Indestructible Purifying Love, Wisdom, and Power into the condition, and the Violet Consuming Flame will consume the mistake.

When you ask for the Sacred Fire to go into a condition, It contains every Activity of the Sacred Fire. It contains the Violet Consuming Flame, the Unfed Flame, the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim, and many other Activities of the Sacred Fire that, as yet, you do not use in the physical octave or do not understand.

No matter what has to be handled, the moment there is a problem to be handled, don’t let the outer self dash into the problem. Turn it first to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, and call forth the Seven Mighty Elohim Control of the problem; but control yourself first.

And when you have found the Master, when you feel Our Heart Flame’s Mastery within you, you will find everything in the outer obedient to you, even to the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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