understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, I trust tonight We may be of Service to you and bring again into your Life Streams a Strengthening Power of the Cosmic Light, and Intensifying Activities of the Sacred Fire that will enable you to feel your Mastery over conditions in this world more quickly.

Before you start anything, and many times in the day when you just have an instant where you do not have to keep your attention on something in the outer that you are doing, train the outer intellectual consciousness to turn your attention many times a day, for just a moment, to your “Beloved I AM Presence”, and ask It to fill you with Its own Heart’s Flame, and what It knows you need to know from moment to moment to exert your mastery over conditions of the outer world.

When you call to Us to fill you with what We know you must have in order to exert your Mastery over any wrong conditions, do not fail to keep calling forth Our Elohim Fiery Christ Blue-Lightning Illumining Truth, Illumining Wisdom, Illumining Power, and Illumining Victory and Strength of the Light within yourselves!

Keep calling forth Our Elohim Fiery Christ Strength of the Light in you that makes you strong enough to do that which We know you are going to have to do in the outer, either to render your service or hold protection.

When you fill yourselves with the Seven Might Elohim’s Fiery Christ Strength of the Light, and the Illumining Truth, the Illumining Consciousness that We know you are going to need to master any condition in the outer that is wrong, and to make you victorious over the wrong in the outer world, then We can flood in and around you in a moment, if you have made this Call — just like We dropped a Sun Presence around you, and the Intensifying Love of Our Hearts’ Flame fills and surrounds you within That, a more Intensifying Presence of the Golden Flame.

This brings Illumination to the brain structure. It brings the Illumining Consciousness of the Seven Mighty Elohim into the control of your attention, and to hold the balance, the reason in full control of your emotional world, your feeling world, so you do not take on or swing into the pressure of the discordant feeling of other people.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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